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 Amalfi Coast Tour from Sorrento

amalfi coast tour

Amalfi Coast Tour program:

  • Departure: from Sorrento (your Hotel/B&B) or Napoli at 9:00/9:30 am, but you can ask to take you also in positano or Amalfi.
  • Duration: ~8hrs
  • Return: ~17:00 in Sorrento, you can ask us to take you back to yor hotel in Napoli, Amalfi or Positano.

Description of the Tour:

Departure at 9.00 to Positano, along the way we will make 3-4 stops to make beautiful pictures, including the isle of “li Galli”, the rock that looks like Napoleon, another photo of the entire coast and the last stop It will be to see positano from above.

Once in Positano to the 10.00 you will have free time for shopping of fine linen fabrics, and to have the opportunity to visit the request of Positano and inside there is a painting with a byzantine Madonna.
After visiting Positano we continue our journey towards Amalfi.

Before arriving in Amalfi we will pass fot the small village of Praiano with its beautiful church of San Gennaro, and with a beautiful nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus built by local artist Michael Castellano praiano.

After this beautiful village we arrive at Conca dei Marini where, in 1932, a local fisherman discovered the “Emerald Grotto”, so called for the particular color of the water that reflect the light from the rocks that stretch-of the Amalfi Coast creating color effects with amazing shades: from cobalt blue to turquoise to emerald green.
After visiting the cave we are going to reach Amalfi to 12am, a city with the majestic church of St. Andrew and the factory of the famous Amalfi paper worldwide.

Here you will have one hour of time to visit all.
At about 13.30 we arrive at my favorite village Ravello, where here we can choose to go to a restaurant and have lunch or to find a little rest for a snak.

Here you will be given approximately 2 hours free time.

There are Several Greek and Roman villas to visit.
The terraces of Villa Rufolo and Cimbrone, from which you can admire a breathtaking view, enchanted Wagner and Greta Garbo, in honor of which, every year, is held the International Festival of Music, which has made the city of music Ravello on the Amalfi Coast . quiet and chic town, was a flourishing center of commercial activities already between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. It is a terrace out to sea in the Lattari Mountains, which offers a scenario of natural beauty unique in the world. From his viewpoint, especially one dedicated to Princess of Piemonte, the Amalfi Coast tour is in a dreamlike vision. Surrounded by the radiant nature, nestled in an idyllic position on a rocky spur that divides the valley of the river

At about 15.30 we are going to return to Sorrento for the same road leg calculated that about 1 and 30, then we will arrive at your hotel or villa at 17.00.