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Sorrento Cookign Class Donna Rita

Sorrento Cooking Class – Donna Rita will guides you trough the traditional and authentic way of preparing a very good pizza dough form the rising to the topping, she will tell you in her friendly and professional way,  how to use all the right ingredients and techniques to create a real home made Neapolitan pizza.
Donna Rita is a Neapolitan woman with years of experience in cooking, the speciality of the house in fact is called the pizza “Donna Rita” , which secret and appetizing stuffing you will discover during the class.
Waiting for the dough to rise, Donna Rita and her stuff will be glad to offer you fresh drinks, snacks and appetizers and she will also show and describe you how to do another famous typical Neapolitan recipe: the egg plants parmesan or the stuffed peppers, according to the seasons’ fresh ingredients available.
When pizza will be ready to be eaten we will sit all together to taste what we prepared during the cooking class lesson drinking a very good wine, the home speciality wine and peaches named percoche ( kind of peach typical of the region ).
Donna Rita will also offer you a delicious sweet pizza topped with hazelnut cream as a dessert,  together with her home made limoncello.
You will also receive a certificate of attendance and a little souvenir.

Sorrento Cooking Class Donna Rita is held in an enchanting villa with gardenlocated in the heart of Sorrento with a breathtaking panoramic view on the Gulf of Naples.

The Cooking class lasts from 6 pm to 9.00/9.30 p.m. approximately, but we are very flexible and more than happy to welcome you in the morning if you book your class in advance.
If you have accommodation in Sorrento we can even come to pick you up at your hotel.

Sorrento Cooking Class  Donna Rita consist in:

Pick up at hotel in Sorrento (no charge) the time … Like in the morning or in the afternoon at the enchanting villa and there will be a welcome drink, were you can admire the breathtaking view and meet Donna Rita and her staff.

The first menu consist :
How to make pizza from scratch with all the secrets
And tips from Donna Rita (different kind of topping like Typical
Margherita or the “secret” pizza of The chef or what ever
You will like to put) after that you will be teached how to make tiramisu’
And in the end we will eat all together the stuff we cooked.

The second menu consist in:
How to make home made pasta in different sizes and shapes( tagliatelle Spaghetti or stuffed pasta Ravioli ) and how to make Napolitan Polpette (Meatballs)
And for dessert how to make Tiramisu’.
And also here we will eat all what we cooked