Di Nocera Service is a company from Sorrento that operates in the tourism sector, offering all kind of touristic experiences that a tourist may need, form exclusive tours in all Sorrento, Amalfi Coast and Naples area to private transfer with luxury car and multi-lingual drives, passing form Cooking Class, Enogastronomic Tours and City Walking tours.
We'are leader in the car rental with professional driver, you can book a luxury mercedes car with a driver for the best quality/price ratio in all Italy.


What we can do for you!

Di Nocera Service has many years of experience throughout Italy, we are one of the leading private car hire services in the Campania area, and we provide a large variety of tours in all Campania, such as enogatronomic tours, boat tours, historic tours ecc!

Our company is established in Sorrento, and offer all kind of Service that a tourist need: form private transfer, to private and semi-private tours, passing form Cookin Class, Boast Tours, and the first real Luggage Storage in Sorrento!




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