Paestum, Salerno and Bufalo Mozzarella, start from Sorrento


Visitors to Italy often think of Rome, Venice, Naples, and the like as the must-see places, but there are many other towns that are just as significant, such as Salerno and Paestum. Explore these 2 cities on a full-day tour from Sorrento, visiting their monuments and museums and walking their streets. Spent an hour of free time walking along the Salerno seafront and visiting the cathedral or wandering through the pedestrian area. Then head on to Paestum to enjoy lunch before entering its archeological site.

In medieval times, Salerno was the world’s capital of medicine. The Monastery of the Benedictine monks, who probably founded its medical school, offered the best instruction available at the time. One of the most famous medical texts of that time was the "Regimen Sanistas Salerni," written in Salerno in Latin and translated into almost every European language.

In more modern times Salerno is best remembered for the landing of allied troops on its beaches during World War II.

To the east of Salerno, after the headlands of Pontecagnano, Battipaglia, and Eboli, is Paestum. The town of Paestum was founded by the Greeks around 60 B.C. Its name derives from Poseidon (the god of the sea), to whom it was dedicated. It was during this period that the Basilica, the Temple of Poseidon, and the Temple of Ceres were built.

Today the temples and ruins–built of a fine yellow limestone–standing in a bower of aromatic herbs, cypress, and oleander, are considered to be the finest examples of their kind. The nearby museum contains many fine sculptures found on the site and also the famous divers’ tomb. Look out for the buffalo that you will see grazing on the roadside during the drive.

We will have  a time also to stop for do the bufalo mozzarella

Extra costs:
Entrance to temples: €6, free for under 18/over 65
Entrance to museums: €4.50, free for under 18/over 65
Lunch and Bufalo mozzarella testing

The tour starts form Sorrento, and our professional driver (english and spanish speaking) will lead you to Paestum and Salerno, and will permit you to taste all the best Bufalo mozzarella in Paestum area. 


Visit the yellow limestone temples and monuments at Paestum's archeological site

Stroll the streets of the seaside town of Salerno

Take in the Italian countryside and do the Bufalo mozzarella testing.


  1. Sorrento
  2. Salerno
  3. Paestum
  4. Sorrento