Pompei tour with a professional guide for 2 hours

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Pompeii excursion

What you will see around you is a ghost town.

What the urban surrounding were, the inside of the homes, the everyday life with all the furniture, in other words objects of common use, what constituted the essence of a city, can be found only in Pompeii.

We will try to reconstruct the hours that followed the explosion of Vesuvius through small personal stories, suggested by the remains that were found in excavations. According to the story of the eruption, one could get a better view of this piece of antique Rome which was crystallized in time.

From EUR 140

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2 hours tour for Pompei whit a professional tour guide


When deciding to visit Pompei you should choose the right guide. Pompei Guide offers you a professional and authorized service, that will lead you by the hand to discover places of mystery and fascination, showing the flow of life, customs, rituals and entertainment from almost two thousand years ago.With a guided tour of two hours you can enjoy suggested places of beauty and charm that are endless.


  1. Pompei