Tour for Mr. Perry Stancato

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Day 1: 16/10/2018

Naples Tour:

Spacca Napoli: histroic and one of the most suggestive rute of Naples

San Gregorio Armeno: the famous route in the center of Naples.

Cappella di San Severo: here you can admire the beautifull and famous “Cristo Velato” (Veiled Christ) of Giuseppe Sanmartino.

Santa Chiara (monastery): the famous and beautifull Santa Chiara Monastery, with its museum and cloister.

Umberto I Gallery: the Archeological Museum of Naples (also called NAM).


Vesuvius Tour:

Tour of 2hrs on the Vesuvious mount, our driver will bring you up to 300m, before the crater.


Total: 400€


Day 2: 17/10/2018

Pick up 9:30 (Hotel Ambasciatore)

Amalfi Coast Tour: 

Along the way we will make 3-4 stops to make beautiful pictures, including the isle of “li Galli”, the rock that looks like Napoleon, another photo of the entire coast and the last stop It will be to see positano from above.

Once in Positano you will have free time for shopping of fine linen fabrics, and to have the opportunity to visit the request of Positano and inside there is a painting with a byzantine Madonna.
After visiting Positano we continue our journey towards Amalfi.

Before arriving in Amalfi we will pass fot the small village of Praiano with its beautiful church of San Gennaro, and with a beautiful nativity scene depicting the birth of Jesus built by local artist Michael Castellano praiano.

After this beautiful village we arrive at Conca dei Marini where, in 1932, a local fisherman discovered the “Emerald Grotto”, so called for the particular color of the water that reflect the light from the rocks that stretch-of the Amalfi Coast creating color effects with amazing shades: from cobalt blue to turquoise to emerald green.
After visiting the cave we are going to reach Amalfi, a city with the majestic church of St. Andrew and the factory of the famous Amalfi paper worldwide.

Here you will have one hour of time to visit all.
At about 13.30 we arrive at our favorite village Ravello, where here we can choose to go to a restaurant and have lunch or to find a little rest for a snak.

Here you will be given approximately 2 hours free time.

There are Several Greek and Roman villas to visit.
The terraces of Villa Rufolo and Cimbrone, from which you can admire a breathtaking view, enchanted Wagner and Greta Garbo, in honor of which, every year, is held the International Festival of Music, which has made the city of music Ravello on the Amalfi Coast . quiet and chic town, was a flourishing center of commercial activities already between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. It is a terrace out to sea in the Lattari Mountains, which offers a scenario of natural beauty unique in the world. From his viewpoint, especially one dedicated to Princess of Piemonte, the Amalfi Coast tour is in a dreamlike vision.


Total: 300€


Day 3: 18/10/2018

Capri Boat Tour: 

Our driver will pick-up you at your Hotel at 10:00. The Capitan will welcome you on board of our luxury boat where you will have free access to complimentary snack, drinks (wine and champagne), towels and everything for your comfort and relax.

If you desire you can also go onshore and visit the amazing and breathtaking Capri Island where you can walk around and admire the sea view and the typical narrow streets, were no car are allowed, and perhaps take a drink in one of the famous bars in the “Piazzetta” (little square).

We would also recommend, if you wish for a very tasty and fancy meal the restaurant “Il Riccio” (michelin star) to enjoy fresh fish and sea food.

You also have the possibility to visit the “Grotta Azzurra” (Blu Cave) were is a very small entrance to the cave, so you will have to take a very small boat that will take you in and explore this magical place. (the "Grotta Azzura entrance require an extra cost).


Lunch at Riccio restaurant ( the launch is NOT included in the Price).


Total: 1400€


Day 4: 19/10/2018


Transfer Sorrento/Rome plus 4hrs Stop around Rome


Piazza Venezia: Piazza Venezia is a large square in Rome that in itself is not so remarkable. But the monument that is located at the square, however, is an artistic showcase of what can be done if you have plenty of of money and white marble! The grand monument in Piazza Venezia dominates the surroundings and was built to celebrate Victor Emmanuel II, who was the first king of a united Italy. Piazza Venecia is stuffed with ornaments and sculptures with incredible detail. Most of it is built in white marble, but there are also a lot of bronze sculptures.
In the background you see a little strange, slanted building that stands at Largo Magna Poli. Next to the building (not in the picture) is one of Romes churches, Santa Caterina.


Colosseum: Located just east of the Roman Forum, the massive stone amphitheater known as the Colosseum was commissioned around A.D. 70-72 by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian dynasty as a gift to the Roman people. In A.D. 80, Vespasian’s son Titus opened the Colosseum–officially known as the Flavian Amphitheater–with 100 days of games, including gladiatorial combats and wild animal fights. After four centuries of active use, the magnificent arena fell into neglect, and up until the 18th century it was used as a source of building materials. Though two-thirds of the original Colosseum has been destroyed over time, the amphitheater remains a popular tourist destination, as well as an iconic symbol of Rome and its long, tumultuous history.

The Pantheon: The Pantheon in Rome is a true architectural wonder.

Trevi Fountain: the famous fountain in Rome

Spanish Steps: the pictoresque steps in a famous square in Rome

Navona Square: a famous square in Rome

If there is enough time we will visit also St. Peter Square.


Total: 650€

From EUR 2'750

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  1. Napoli
  2. Vesuvio
  3. Positano
  4. Amalfi
  5. Ravello
  6. Isola di Capri
  7. Roma