GodFather Tour

The tour will start in Taormina at 9:00. The pick-up point will be your accomodation, where you'll meet our driver. 


From Taormina we will take you to the beautiful little town of Savoca, best known for the mummies found in the cript of the Capuchin Convent. Here, you will stop at the Bar Vitelli, where the scene in which Michael asks the owner permission to court his daughter Apollonia was filmed. The Bar is still owned by the Vitelli family, and here you can admire pictures and memorabilia regarding the movie, and, also, you can taste their famous lemon slush. After the slush, you can visit the beautiful Church of S. Lucia, where the scene of the wedding was filmed. The church was built in the XIII century, but, due to earthquakes and subsequents renovations, it nows presents an architectural style more similar to churches built in the XVIII century.


From Savoca, we will take you to Forza d'Agrò, to visit the historic center and the Cathedral, where other scenes of the movie were filmed. The Cathedral - known also as the 

Church of the "Santissima Annunziata" - was built in the XV century, and completely re-built around 1650, but, due to an earthquake in 1693, renovations ended only in 1707. A little curiosity: a version of the Cathedral can be recognized also in the 2011 Disney Pixar animation movie Cars 2.


The next - and last - stop will be Fiumefreddo, where you can visit the "Castello degli Schiavi" (Slaves' Castle), where the famous scene of the car explosion was filmed. The Castle was built in the XVIII century and owes its name to a legend. According to this legend, the Prince of Pelagonia donated the land to doctor Palmieri, grateful to the doctor for having saved his son. Doctor Palmieri built the Castle out of love for his wife Rosalia, not knowing that she had a lover in the area. It was Rosalia's lover that saved the castle and the family from the invasion of the Turks. To commemorate the failed attack, two statues representing turkish pirates were put on the loggia, and they seem to look at the sea, waiting for their comrades to rescue them, hence the name "Slaves' Castle".


Departure from Fiumefreddo will be at 16:00, and our driver will bring you back to your accomodation in Taormina approximately by 16:30.

The Tour starts form Taormina, and lead you to Savoca, Forza d'Agrò and Fiumefreddo


Visit all the beautiful locations of the GodFather Tour


  1. Taormina
  2. Savoca
  3. Forza d'Agro
  4. Fiumefreddo di Sicilia
  5. Taormina