Montalbano Tour (from Ragusa)

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The tour will start from Ragusa around 9:00 AM. From Ragusa, we will take you to some of the locations in which the Italian tv series Il Commissario Montalbano was filmed.


With us, you will see:

  • The Castle of "Donnafugata": the castle owes its name to the legend of the escape of queen Bianca di Navarra, widow of king Martino I of Aragon, that was taken prisoner in the castle by the Count Bernando Cabrera, that wanted to marry her and become king. It is more likely, though, that name derives from the discovery of the corpse of a woman dead by asphyxiation. In the fiction, the castle is the primary residence of the boss Balduccio Sinagra.
  • Punta Secca: it is a little maritime village, that owes its name to its cliffs. In the square, you will see Montalbano's house overlooking the beach. 
  • Donnalucata: a little maritime village. It ows its name to the ancient spring, that a famous arabian cartographer called "the spring of the hours". The name, in the latin version, became "Donnalucata". 
  • Ragusa: the southernmost city in Sicily. It is known also as the city of brigdes. Ragusa is full of baroque buildings and churches. Its historic centre, known as Ragusa Ibla, is in the eastern part of the town. There, it is possible to admire more than fifty baroque churches and buildings. In the easternmost part of Ibla, you will see the "Giardino Ibleo", a beautiful garden, and the ruins of the ancient town of Hybla Heraia.
  • Scicli: it is a baroque city, that, for the way it is built, has been assimilated to a nativity scene. The historic center is part of the "UNESCO" sites since 2002. The town hall represent the fictional police station in Vigata.
  • Modica: it is best known for its repertoire of gastronomic specialies, especially chocolate. Its historic center is one of the most significant examples of late-baroque architecture.
  • Sampieri: it is a maritime district near Scicli. It is situated on a rock spur between two beaches. Here you will see the ruin of the Furnace Penna, used as a location in some of the episodes of the series.

At the end of the tour, our driver will pick you up at approximately 4:00PM to take you back to your accomodation.

From EUR 300

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The tour starts in Ragusa, and will lead you to: castle Donnafugata, Punta Secca, Donnalucata, Ragusa, Scicli, Modica, Sampieri


Visit all the famous places and building of the fiction Montalbano


  1. Ragusa
  2. Donnafugata
  3. Punta Secca
  4. Donnalucata
  5. Scicli
  6. Sampieri
  7. Ragusa