Tour of Agrigento, Temples Valley and Scala dei Turchi

This tour will start at 09:00/09:30 AM. Our driver will pick you up from your accomodation and will take you to the beautiful archeological site of the "Valle dei Templi" (Valley of the Temples), an example of Greater Greece art and architecture. Here, you can admire the remains of seven temples (Temple of Concordia, Juno, Heracles, Olympian Zeus, Castor and Pollux, Vulcan, Asclepius), sanctuaries and tombs. 

After the Valley of the Temples, we will accompany you to the ravishing beach of Scala dei Turchi (Stair of the Turks), a rocky cliff on the coast of Realmonte. The Stair is formed by a sedimentary white rock between two sandy beaches, and it is possible to access it through a limestone rock formation in the shape of a staircase. It owes its name from its peculiar shape and the frequent incursions operated by Turkish pirates. 

After the beach, our driver will bring you back to your accommodation around 05:00PM


Note: Price does NOT include: entrance tickets to the Valle dei Templi

This tour starts form your accomodation in Agrigento, and will lead you to the Vally of Temples and Scala dei Turchi


Visit Agrigento, the Vally of Temples and Scala dei Turchi


  1. Agrigento
  2. Agrigento
  3. Scala dei Turchi
  4. Agrigento